Welcome to the Conclave of Gamers 2014 schedule. From here you can see our scheduled events, RSVP (or un-RSVP) for them and you can even create your own profiles. Remember this is only a fraction of our events; since we are mainly an open gaming convention, most of our events are determined by you, our attendees! We’re all about gaming on your schedule. To request games or try to gather fellow gamers for a specific game, you can use our forums at http://conclaveofgamers.org/forums/
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John and Kris Ogilvie

Smiling Pines
Lead Designer and Marketing Director
Salt Lake City, UT
We are the creators of Bejinx™ The Game Changer™. Bejinx™ adds to the fun of all the games you already know! It is a game expansion that adds strategic possibilities, player interactions, and unusual twists. It works with Ticket to Ride®, Monopoly®, Yahtzee®, checkers, Dominion®, and dozens of other games.